Sunday, January 12, 2014


Much catching up to do since New Year's Eve, from which I have just about regained normal function.  At last.  Truly, I'm only exaggerating a little bit.  And sooooo

Christmas Day

That's the top of Peter Shaffer's head!

New Year's Eve day

The real live Coca Cola lorry from the adverts!

Fin of a sperm whale

Whales are amazing!

Natural History Museum

Beautiful origami tree at Nat. Hist. Museum

New Year's Aftermath

Jonah walking to the subway in the cold light of dawn Jan 1st!

My walk home at 8am

Found outside my front door when I arrived home - evidence

Just to prove I made it through and carried right on - 9am Jan 1st 2014

Aaand generally

Beginning of the blizzard

Footprints in the courtyard

Important family reunion at Magnolia (missing Anel and Cristi)

And in upcoming project news...

Photo: This is going to be an AMAZING event, come early to make sure you get a seat!!!

I'm also singing at a thing two days after this...tra la la laaa!

A week of long work days has cream crackered me out.  I went for a run today in the very chilly wind by the river and will be seeing Anel (the last one to arrive back, FINALLY) for dinner later...but that's about all I can manage, I think.  Free pastry for breakfast today - having a roommate who works at Starbucks is the BEST!

Peace and lovexxxxxxxx

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