Sunday, January 26, 2014

I done a concert I done

Cell Block Tango, Karli, Irina, Francesa, me and Isabel aka POP, SIX, SQUISH, CICERO, LIPSCHITZ
In finale dress with the incomparable Nico, Diego and Isabel

The cast and director, ladies in costumes for Cell Block Tango from Chicago

Obligatory dressing room pic, L-R Irina, Karli, Diego, me and Bel

Friday, January 17, 2014

This week's rage

Well I feel like I wouldn't be me if I wasn't mad about something and here is the latest:

Bottled water.

I don't know what godawful parents raised their kids to think they were only safe if they drank bought, pre-bottled water, but the cost to the earth is unforgiveable.

Yesterday while working at the student store I put up a sign that said:


water when you bring your own bottle

Just to see what would happen, and slightly for comedy purposes.
Some didn't notice it but of those that did well over half asked 'when did you guys start doing free water?' or as my coworker reported (after I'd left for the day) 'I have a bottle, where do I get my free water?'

You should know that not long ago AMDA installed great new water fountains with a 'bottle filling' feature where you can just stand your bottle up and it gets filled up super fast, and there is one 10 paces from the store.
You should also know that in blind taste tests, New York water has consistently come top.
You should also know that many people are great about refilling old water bottles or having their own that they take everywhere.
Finally you should know that at the store I see people come back more than twice a day to buy a plastic water bottle.  MORE THAN ONCE A DAY.

Excuses I heard for why this is:

I leave them places
I don't want to carry a water bottle around with me
I like the flavoured water so in my room I have the packs of Crystal Lite and because we only have short breaks between classes I don't have time to...(this one I stopped listening to at 'short breaks between classes', she was talking to me as if I had not also attended AMDA and was not well aware of how long breaks between classes are, I am also aware that very few teachers would not let you out of class when you ask them politely if you may step out to refill your water bottle.  Also this girl's excuse was clearly completely moronic, it began with 'I like the flavoured water'...what are you seven?)

Nothing is ok about this, nothing.  It exhibits disgusting laziness, carelessness and ignorance.  People who think bottled water is necessary have no awareness whatsoever of the world that they live in.  When there are places on this planet where drinking this water does truly put the residents at risk of death and people here don't realise how lucky they are...well, that makes me all kinds of cross.

So, next weeks plan is think of ways to convince AMDA kids to refill...or better yet, convince the higher ups to allow us to put a limit on how many water bottles they can buy.

I am also happy to report that after I left work yesterday the assistant manager saw the sign and said 'take that down it's stupid'.

Ah yes, it's the SIGN that's stupid.
Bitchy, yes.  Stupid, noooo.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Much catching up to do since New Year's Eve, from which I have just about regained normal function.  At last.  Truly, I'm only exaggerating a little bit.  And sooooo

Christmas Day

That's the top of Peter Shaffer's head!

New Year's Eve day

The real live Coca Cola lorry from the adverts!

Fin of a sperm whale

Whales are amazing!

Natural History Museum

Beautiful origami tree at Nat. Hist. Museum

New Year's Aftermath

Jonah walking to the subway in the cold light of dawn Jan 1st!

My walk home at 8am

Found outside my front door when I arrived home - evidence

Just to prove I made it through and carried right on - 9am Jan 1st 2014

Aaand generally

Beginning of the blizzard

Footprints in the courtyard

Important family reunion at Magnolia (missing Anel and Cristi)

And in upcoming project news...

Photo: This is going to be an AMAZING event, come early to make sure you get a seat!!!

I'm also singing at a thing two days after this...tra la la laaa!

A week of long work days has cream crackered me out.  I went for a run today in the very chilly wind by the river and will be seeing Anel (the last one to arrive back, FINALLY) for dinner later...but that's about all I can manage, I think.  Free pastry for breakfast today - having a roommate who works at Starbucks is the BEST!

Peace and lovexxxxxxxx

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reason #1896427 that me and Lola are friends...

I posted this on Facebook and told Jacob and Lola that since neither of them are back til Saturday, not tomorrow as expected, I have acquired new roommates...
Called Geoff, Carol and Lucita...from Siberia...and instead of telling me to shut the eff up Lola asked me what they do for a living


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Auld Acquaintance shall NEVER be forgot!

And please, it is always always brought to mind.

However it is 8am and I just made it home, so.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

It's 2014! I can scarcely believe it.  The first time I was ever in New York, I was 19.  Then 20, and eventually when I began AMDA I was 21...and now I'm 4 months off 24.  Madness.

Madness, much like my night - I was ready and prepared for a quiet evening at home, I even made my own Chinese food to accommodate the New Yorker tradition...of course, I forgot how FANTASTIC my friends are so my quiet plans went unexpectedly, ecstatically awry.

I began my New Year's Eve day in a chilled manner, I had a lie-in, breakfast, bumbled around the apartment for a while before going out to the Upper West Side.  I decided that since I wasn't to have a raucous NYE I would have a lovely day.  I treated myself to new cosy winter pyjamas (with owls on), a trip to the Natural History Museum to see the Whales exhibit (which I have been coveting since it opened, and which I gained admission to at the student rate) and a very indulgent dulce de leche crepe.  Also a stop at Trader Joe's to ensure that I would have adequate ingredients for a hearty New Year's Day brunch.  It snowed a little and I ran into two friends so I was feeling pretty good in spite of having no plans.

But as I said those no plans...they turned into plans.

After getting hurriedly dressed in my favourite 1960s mod space age hippy dress...yep it is silver and fringed...I met up with Jonah and headed downtown.  We jumped off the train at 34th St at 11.55pm, just in time to catch the Times Square fireworks and the Empire State Building lighting up like a rainbow on acid.  It's quite something to be in midtown New York City when the clock strikes midnight for the turning of a year.  Quite something.

We moved on down to Soho and wandered from there to Chinatown, meeting Michel on the way...I had a vague plan but it fell through...we were able to pick it up again with a swift subway transfer and a journey to deepest Brooklyn, where it seemed for a moment that ALL WAS LOST...

Our planned destination, a party run by a DJ collective (the Sunday afternoon incarnation of which I attended a few times over the summer) WAS OVER.  Disaster.  The whole idea was, in accordance with the party's info website, that we would arrive at 2am and pay half price for entrance.  But they decided to just be done right on 2am as we arrived.
So in a neighbourhood very close to where I spent some time in early 2011, we landed in a bar with a lot of other people who had also been let down by the Mister Saturday Night crew.
After a few drinks, a near fatal dance related accident in which me and Michel did land on the floor and Jonah did bang his head on the table in sympathy, we made friends with a group of Dutch literature students.  We (by which I mean I...I don't know how or why I always end up in charge of these situations) led them to the Lower East Side where we traversed the streets awhile before finding THE GREATEST BAR IN THE entrance fee (some other bar tried to charge us $20 to go in.  Ahahaha no), excellent diverse music and equally diverse crowd, open til the dawn hours...all we needed.  So we danced the wee hours away to Cyndi Lauper/Jay Z/Joy Division/Michael Jackson etc before emerging blinking into the watercolour daylight of January 1st 2014.
What a way to enter this New Year.
I am so very happy that I was able to spend it with such game and willing people who were up for anything.  And who mean a lot to me as friends too.  My only regret is that I couldn't share my wonderful experience with everyone that I care about, however rest assured I thought about everyone, from every time zone.

This New Year's Eve will go down in my personal history as one of the all-time greats - and I've had some good'uns - and the motto shall forever remain 'CLOSE ENOUGH'

  • We were on 34th and 8th, not in Times Square, for the fireworks - close enough
  • We wandered so far into Chinatown that we had to take entirely different trains than those planned - close enough
  • The party destination was shut down but the bar across the way provided laughs aplenty - close enough
  • All the Lower East Side bars we expected to hit up were also closed but we happened upon this miraculous place - close enough!
Also some guy had conked out in the corner of our booth so we crowned him (completely unawares) with a tall pointed party hat that was flying around the bar.  When he shifted sleeping positions later on, the hat fell off so I recrowned him.  He still did not wake up.  

Anyway...I walked a few blocks from Michel's to mine at 7.40am and now here I am blogging's almost 9.  And I really feel like I could go for another few hours.  There is glitter all over the bathroom.  My new owl pyjamas are fantastically cosy.  It was a lovely sunrise over the East River as I walked from east to west upper Manhattan.  I have crumpets and jam ready for whenever I rise.

One for the history books.

Happy 2014, dear loved ones and thank you for everything thus far.