Monday, December 16, 2013

December things

Merry Festive Season from me and my sisters from another mister (and Joris not a sister but in the fam no less) A weekend of Christmas gatherings and a LOT of babysitting - I'm talking 8.5 hours with baby Ari. Luckily he and his brothers are just fantastic, as are Yael and Yonatan. On Saturday it snowed all the live long day and the city was a cold windy blur so after she came home Yael insisted I stick around for a while and have coffee with her before going out to brave the storm. Such kind people. On Sunday after the 8.5 hours myself, Cristi, Lola, Anel, Joris and Maite gathered for the third annual Bedbugs (still the nickname, don't ask) Christmas/Cristimas (Cristi's Birthday was today, see what I did there) gathering. We bring food and we do Secret Santa. We enjoyed a lovely three course meal and exchanged our gifts and of course updated the group picture - see below. Cristi's pug Rubi can be seen bottom left. This week is Cinderella - I had more fun than should be allowed at our tech rehearsal today. We have non-stop laughs, I'm so lucky. Tomorrow is invited dress so Lauren will be there ready to yell and hiss at all the right moments - I'm counting on her! Christmas parcels winging their way to the folks at home, get excited guys there's a small chance that I was organised enough to make happen it on time this year! Small. Bedtime!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Season's Greetings from Lola and Tessa

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