Monday, October 7, 2013

Yesterday's papers

Last published on September 24th, that is absolutely dreadful! Come on Tessa.

Bits and pieces today...I actually spent the earlier part of the day being locked out, because I brilliantly went to the corner deli for milk and didn't take my keys, Lola and Jacob had gone to the movies and Sena was out for the day so noone was coming home any time I had to throw myself at the mercy of my friends and neighbours who are luckily one and the same! Spent an hour at Ruth Joris and Charles' and then went to Sam's since I was supposed to be helping him tape auditions anyway (lots of fun today, the first and last time I will ever get to play MacDuff!) and I also got to have fun with his new juicer and start a Nick Hornby book...and generally spend time bothering Sam which I just love to do.  He is very tolerant and didn't mock me that much for locking myself out.

So, there went a good chunk of my day.  Lola had to come and pick me up because of course I'd left my phone in the apartment and Sam had to go to the supermarket so I was incommunicado, she just came to get me on her way back from the film.  It was exactly like going to a friend's house after school to wait for your mum to pick you up.

Tomorrow we begin one week's intensive rehearsals for Supersoldier, the Jim Rado musical.  I got a sneak peek at the poster today and it is delightfully psychedelic, so I can't wait to have my own copy to go on the wall as it will fit right in with the rest of my decor.  It's going to be a fun week and one of the best parts is that Sena my roommate is in it too.  We can help each other learn the music and we can travel there together and get our coffees and stuff.

Here we gooooxxxxxxxx

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