Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Right place, right time

I was not called for today's rehearsal as they were working on lead solos.  I went anyway though, partly to help out Sam's sister Hayley who arrived yesterday for a visit and has been put to work spreading the Supersoldier gospel through the social media.  I accompanied her down to rehearsal and then pretty much sat there at the back with her, creeping on the rehearsal.  Great idea for many reasons.
1 - Recognition.  In a 26 person cast where I am but lowly ensemble member, anything that makes it easier to remember my name - such as meeting me in a group of 6 rather than 26 - good thing.  Director, writer, fellow cast members, all good if I can get to know people.
2 - Watching awesome talented people work? Yes please.  Some fantastic singers doing their thing, it's like a little free concert, and amazing to see these excellent professionals (lots of Equity/Union peeps in this show) and how they work a song.
3 - Serendipity? Fate? Who knows but either way I am now going to be featured tap dancing in the show too - because I happened to be there, because the stage manager happens to know I'm a tapper and because they needed a tap break! So now myself and the associate director will duet in the middle of one of the songs.  BOOM!

Getting things donexxxxxxxxx

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