Wednesday, October 9, 2013


On October 9th, two years ago this day, I boarded a plane and a few hours later arrived in NYC to begin this whole thing called life.

Happy two years to me.  I can recall that day as if it were yesterday and have delightful memories of being met by my wonderful friends Erik and Boli who made me welcome and comfy in Crown Heights Brooklyn on the first few nights of my time here.  And now here I am in Washington Heights absolutely loving my life - it is more fulfilling and joy-packed than ever thanks to the friends, work, auditions, jobs, projects, homes and ideas that I'm surrounded by.  Total sincerity here, folks.

I haven't been paid yet this week so celebration may have to hold off until the weekend.  Although I may crack open the delicious meat AND cheese filled Indian meal I've had in the freezer for the last 3 months and celebrate carnivore-turned-vegan style!

Much love to all who have made my two years both possible and fantastic!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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