Sunday, October 20, 2013

Anel turned 24!

My dearest Anel Carmona Lopez yesterday hit 24 years of age.  We went to her place where we drank whisky and gave gifts (myself and Lola got her an official 'Friends' tshirt from the NBC store with a quote from her favourite character - Anel is a Friends nut).  We also played a game and ate this incredibly beautiful cake from Magnolia bakery

Anel's nickname is Anel Pastel, pastel being typically Spanish for cake - you can say pastelito which means like 'little cake' so sometimes she is just Pastelito.  So this is literally an Anel Pastel.  Look at it, bloody gorgeous, and delicious too.

I have more pics to add here because an amazing thing happened - my four original AMDA girl friends and I, for the first time in a long while, were all dressed to the nines, high heels and everything, and we inadvertently all coordinated in black black with a hint of black.  Meaning that we looked like either a really fierce girl band or the ensemble cast of a very glamorous TV show doing a photo shoot for the season box set cover (Desperate Housewives, for example).  And for fun and also because we haven't had a new group picture for a while and because it's been so long since we all got dressed up, we took a lot of pictures, coming soon.

We went to a cool place in the East Village called Kingston Hall, a busy and obviously well-loved bar with Colonial Jamaican themed decor and drinks where they played great music all night and we had tables reserved so we could all sit and toast the Birthday girl in comfort.  And Sam almost started an argument with some people who refused to move from our reserved table.  Snort.


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