Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The vegan eating continues.  Yes it has occasional cheats, a pork dumpling here, a chocolate biscuit there (what can I say, Lauren brought me Bourbons from Scotland).  However it is also leading down fun new avenues of 'repurposing'.

Now I'm all about this highly zeitgeisty idea - upcycling, customising, whatever you want to call it.  I just turned an old belt into a decorative scarf storage system, beautified two plain cardboard boxes by covering them with miniature music scores, decoupaged an entire table and turned another into a chalkboard and written my initials on the wall using blue fairy light.  It's fun to make new interesting things out of other things.  And it can be very pretty and certainly it's satisfying.
And it works with food too.  My latest interest is cauliflower.  I bought one at the start of last week and have had a week's worth of meals from that one cauliflower done in three different ways.  One is a quick version of cauliflower cheese where I essentially stir fried the cauliflower into a vegan cheese sauce (yep vegan cheese it's a thing).  Another is mashed - very simply as if it were a potato, boil it down til it's soft then mash it with a little garlic and a vegan butter alternative, salt and pepper.  If you're me and you're really really into pepper anyway, it's not all that necessary since the cauliflower already had it's own spicy pepperiness.  The third and for my money most fun way is cauliflower rice - you literally chuck it in the blender and whiz it up til you have small crumbly pieces, not too much or it gets soggy.  Then throw that in a pan with some olive oil, and I did salt, pepper, a little lemon juice and a tiny dash of soy sauce.  And I ate it with stir fried broccoli, beans and carrots and it was bloody marvellous.
Cauliflower as itself, as a potato alternative and as rice, all delicious.  Love it.  Thinking about what veggies to play with next week.  I will also need to test some Thanksgiving ideas starting asap.

Ummm in less foody news, I'm going to be in the workshop reading of 'Supersolider' the new musical by Jim 'wrote Hair is my idol and the coolest dude' Rado.  Waaaaaaaaaaah! Alongside my dear friends Xalvador and Sena no less.  Yay yay yay! Week of rehearsals beginning October 7th and two performances Monday 14th.  Yas.


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