Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last Of The Summer Live

I went to a gig last night! Yaaaaaay me

It was (I think) the final installment of Summerstage, a venue in Central Park where performances have been going on all through the summer months.  I saw three bands - City and Colour was the headliner, supported by Warwickshire's own Lucy Rose, who I didn't know but I am delighted to have discovered, and also by Lissie who I have been a big fan of for about three years now.

It is raining outside right now but yesterday evening was beautiful - not cold, clear sky, fresh air.  I went by myself.  It is nice to do things with friends but I am always happy to enjoy events by myself because really, it's not like you're going to be catching up during the gig/movie/play etc.  I had a lovely time, it's a looong while since I saw live music outdoors (not since Bestival 2011, specifically).

Here is Lucy Rose - I have listened to her album and concluded that I actually like her live better than recorded.  Her voice is lovely but it was more substantial somehow live when she was also playing her guitar and interacting with her band.  There's a lot of female singer-songwriters in a similar vein but she has a more honestly rock 'n roll energy on the stage than a lot of them. And her band was great.

And as for Lissie well, I think she is the coolest, her voice is AWESOME in a retro girl rocker way and her songs are really original.  Of all the aforementioned female singer-songwriters that are around I think she stands out for having a real, not manufactured, essence of eras gone by. Her band was also fantastic and I am obsessed with this song, it's new on her album out October 8th and I cannot stop listening to it.

City and Colour, the headliner, is actually one guy named Dallas Green who was the frontman of a Canadian band called Alexisonfire.  He has a devastatingly beautiful voice and mad guitar skills.  However I enjoyed Lissie's set more than his.  He has mostly ballady songs, not so many uptempos, and while it is amazing to hear him sing live so gorgeously I think if I ever see him live again I will find a place to sit and close my eyes and just listen, not watch.

Spent a lazy quiet day at home with Lola who was doing the same - our respective weeks really took i out of us and our roomies are both off again visiting family and friends in Texas and Georgia.
While I remained in jammies until babysitting this evening I did also make various home improvements, washed my backpack, cooked my cauliflower, decoupaged a couple of boxes, figured out how to hang my scarves etc etc.  Nice day.  Raining out.


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