Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Me and my Luxembourgian pal Michel enjoying tunes, sangria and sun at the wonderful 'Mister Sunday', a weekly party held outdoors on Sunday afternoons in a small grove next to the Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn.  A DJ drops bliss-inducing electro disco beats, the bar serves the aforementioned sangria and a host of beers which I haven't investigated yet...though one is called Pork Slap.  There are food tents and picnic benches, a ping pong table and a throng of Brooklyn's young and hip...and slightly older but no less hip...and very young and incredibly hip (people bring their kids) plus a few dogs.  It is a wonderful place to dance to music that you'd actually want to dance to, something that I hear surprisingly rarely, I frankly don't see what is so complicated about choosing dance-worthy music and yet so many DJs fail.  Also to sit with a friend and chew the fat and watch the happiness go by.  If you're a Euro it will remind you of home - I can't speak for Michel but for me it is reminiscent of Bestivals and Womads past, field parties, nights at the rec and debauched Sunday evenings in the Thomas Lord back garden.  ALSO if you're like us and you are into people's personal style it is a veritable feast for the eyes and a nice forum for my own sartorial experiments.

So that's another of the nice things that I did in the last couple of weeks!

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