Friday, September 6, 2013

All-American Unamerican

Planning Thanksgiving!

Sure, it's on November 28th, but we have big plans here at 2C.  For all those who are lost come Thanksgiving Day (read: not American and therefore not going home anywhere) we are hosting the ultimate Global Celebration.  With guests from Spain, the Netherlands, Argentina, Luxembourg, Mexico, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, Scotland, England and one repping for the USA I have a lot of recipes to look up.  We are also encouraging elements of national dress.  Lola asked me 'what is the traditional dress of England?' It's hard to answer that one...sadly I had to show her something I try to keep hidden.  Something I am not proud of.  And it is Morris Dancing.  Seriously, with all the other fantastic cultural things England has managed to produce, how did we so carelessly overlook folk dance and get landed with Morris Dancing? I suppose I could set up a Maypole in the living room.  Sooo...perhaps I will have to go with Sherlock Holmes or Beefeater as my national costume.

And as for the fare, well so far I have about a billion ideas but for my own homeland I'm thinking PUDDINGS...treacle tart, custard, apple crumble.  This is going to be a smorgasbord of epic proportions.

And we WILL play charades because whenever we have people over...that's what we do.

Went on the set of Sam's current TV show yesterday, as they were conveniently shooting a few blocks south of our respective apartments.  Things I learned: TV folk are really nice! And, TV set lunch is really nice (with plenty of vegan options:D).

Me and Lola enjoying the craft services (snacks and coffee!)

On set with the star himself! So proud of my awesome friend.

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