Thursday, August 15, 2013

Word of the Day:

Is 'bliss'.

I am floating in it right now.  The reasons are severalfold...

1) My feet are in a tub of warm water and salt
2) I walked down the West Side Highway and Riverside Drive in the sun
3) I will be catsitting next week in a beautiful big bohemian apartment in a great neighbourhood on 186th - that huge place all to myself, I won't want to leave I think it's my dreamhouse (for a wonderful actor/actress married couple is currently understudying David Hyde Pierce on Broadway...)
4) I found a new secret spot and had a full on Pocahontas moment
5) My incense is burning, noone is home, I have a table decoupaging project on the go, I also have things to read, geetar to play with, vegan chilli to nom, Fair Trade foot lotion to slather...

I think I'm just in love with New York all over again.  I've been here almost two years, plus the two brief times before that, and yet I will discover a new thing or area or view and my mind just blows.  Just when I thought the wanderlust was getting strong enough for me to make a break for it for a weekend or something, WHOOSH...freshly enamored with something previously undiscovered.  It'll never end.

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