Thursday, August 8, 2013

Round up

A few snaps from the Great British Birthday Bash aka Sam and Lauren's joint party (both away for actual Birthdays) at which a good time was had by all and my jacket was the surprise hit of the party.  Just saying.  It was.

Pete Townshend stop going through my wardrobe!

Lots of travelling happening around me - Lauren to Scotland in two days for a month, Maite gone to Spain last week for a month and a half, Sam in LA again.  But in a couple of weeks we get Sena and Jacob back, yay! We missed them so here in 2C.

I am still recovering from - and preparing for - a week of average 14-hour days, combined babysitting and AMDA - yiiipes.  Luckily it went by very quickly, unluckily I have redeveloped a serious coffee habit which I'm not happy about because I haven't relied on it to kick me awake since I was in fourth semester at school.  However I maintain my veganism (to the mixed reactions of friends - some think it's hilarious, some are impressed, some are horrified)


This is what happens when I begin posts on evenings when my company is requested elsewhere (specifically in this case it was the Gansevoort Hotel bar).

A few days later...

Another busy week, blessedly not as manic as last.  An audition yesterday for an English language video where my only job was to answer questions about myself on camera - very nice! Except that they were looking for 'high school'...sure, let me just turn back the clock 5 or 6 years...oh no wait I'm not Benjamin Button.  Ah well we'll see!

My dear New York bro and caretaker Sam has booked ANOTHER TV show - that's three in one summer! Unbelievable! So soon people all over the place will be reading about him and watching him and I'll be like hahaha but...that's just Sam! Super proud to know him and myself and Downie are fairly convinced that we had more than a little something to do with this one, since we were the ones that read in for him when he self-taped the auditions that got him this latest role.  Any day now the agents and producers will call saying 'who are those girls reading with you we must have them!' Aaaany day now.

Speaking of our bonnie wee Scot, Lauren has jumped back across the ocean for a month - weddings to attend, trips to Spain to go on, no big deal ya know.  So that's Maite in Spain til September, Lauren til August 6th, Bel in Brazil for three weeks from yesterday, Jacob and Sena still gone...we have a major deficit! Argh! Already missing the ones already gone, filling up time with lots of work as aforementioned, as much tapping as I can squeeze, MAD drama in my personal life that doesn't even bear thinking about (it's been a while, oh the drama-free existence how I miss you) and Orange Is The New Black, the greatest show ever.  It's a Netflix original series and features an AMDA alum Maddie - who I just saw today actually - who is fantastic, in fact the entire cast is utterly stellar, not a weak link, and everyone should watch this show IT'S AMAZING.  Obsessed.

Briefly on the drama (mine not Netflix's) - my friends once again prove what a stellar cast they are by being absolute diamonds and giving me a lot of their time and wisdom.  I am boundlessly rich in friendship if in nothing else.

Looking forward to a short day tomorrow following a 15 hour one today, and a weekend filled with plans.  Autumn is breathing down our necks folks, got to get out there!

Veganism continues.  Planned cheat day on Saturday as I will be going to a 7-mile long street fair and me and street fair food well, we go way back.  I intend to find churros and chocolate if it's all I manage to do this weekend.  NB also must do laundry can't keep wearing the same AMDA tshirt for work.  

Love and hope and joy and pickles

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