Sunday, August 11, 2013

Muy content

Ahhh, the end of a tiring but fun weekend.

Yesterday I ate the greatest sandwich anyone's ever had - grilled cheese with duck confit and bacon.  Yes, duck confit and bacon.  I cannot stop telling people about it, reliving it, I can still taste it mmmomnomnomnomnom.  I spent time with Michel for some Western European sophistication (him, not me, don't worry I'm not deluded) and we had Bloody Marys and a nice walk around the East Village.  I also went to school to see a drama showcase, spent a good amount of time in a studio wailing on some blues songs and took a delicious power nap in the sun in Central Park.

Friday night I cooked FABULOUS veggie chilli which Anel came to eat with me.  And today Sunday I walked with Eduardo to the lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge, a spot which in the sunshine is absolutely lovely and I hope I can do it again soon while the sun is with us and take a picnic next time.  It feels like you can't possibly be in the same Manhattan as Times Square and Soho etc.
I just came home from being Sam's reader as he self-tapes yet more auditions and am joining him in a bit in the swanky flat he's dogsitting in on 42nd St to watch his Dexter Episodes.  I'm so excited!!!

Yeah, all in all it's been a cracker of a weekend...I have yet to do laundry which is becoming an urgent situation.

Tomorrow, an audition in which I will put the blues wailing to good use I hope.  And a week of work ahead but it's all wonderful really.

There is something rotten in the state of me and my gals (and one guy) - I'm feeling good but my dear sisters are all a little sad for one reason or another.  Not gonna lie, it's mostly to do with blokes.  Sigh, such is life when you're a group of stunning young catches such as ourselves.

So, for them I summon good vibes big smiles and everything is going to be alright energy

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