Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer nights and Fourth of July

A wonderful New York summer weekend with people who count...introducing some new characters

Lola having a little dance to celebrate America's independence from...well...us

The heat

Park snacks!

Just chilling

This is Nico Baumgartner (Spain/Finland...I think!) and Isabel (Brazil)

Ruth (Czech Rep) unwillingly photographed

Ruth...decided to chase a dragonfly with mixed results

The melon that Lauren was craving all afternoon  and Sam showed up with later on so she cut it up and ate it with a plastic knife and fork.  Turns out 'melon' to British people means nothing to the rest of the World, Isabel couldn't understand what we were talking about.  'Cantaloupe' would've worked.

Lauren Lola Sam...three of my care team!

157th St on our way out...

And at Bourbon St in Hells Kitchen

And at 50th St on the way home!

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