Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shit Vegans Say

Phrases I come out with since I started eating vegan include:

'I burned my hand on my lentils!'

'Excuse me does this coconut milk dessert have any dairy in it?'

'I will come but I won't order anything'

'I NEED to go to Trader Joe's, I'm out of almond milk'

'Oh my gosh I can eat this cereal bar! This cereal bar is vegan!'

And some of the delicious and nutritious things I get to eat:

Strawberry ice cream made with coconut milk IS AMAZING

As is my potato kale and mushroom stir fry for tomorrow's lunch

As these lentil burgers will be when I've finished making them

And my new favourite alternative to crisps are baked green pea sticks nomnomnom

Still going, one cheat day so far in almost three weeks! So impressed with myself.  If I was in England I wouldn't do this, but it's a good way to avoid all the extra hormones and crap in the animals here.

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