Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I'm on Teresa's sofa (catsitting time) with a happy purring cat pawing at me, cracking up to myself - I have inadvertently ended up on MTV.

MTV is pretty much the pinnacle of all that is wrong with American TV (and America) - I suppose it's sort of like how The Sun is all that is wrong with UK newspaperland.  Vapid reality shows where anyone using a word over 2 syllables would be noteworthy.  And...err...I am now in the opening sequence of an episode of a show called - I kid you not - 'Girl Get Your Mind Right' - if I were able to explain the meaning of this I would.  Anyway it's the result of something I did a while ago.  AMDA did a mass mailout
to all the girls a while ago saying there was an MTV thing about some new 'dating show'.  We turned up, we talked on camera about relationships (I would like to thank my friends from whom I anonymously pinched my topics) and were told that they would pick a few to use in opening credits of each episode - it transpires that the 'dating guru' (err...yeah...I will stick with following my own instincts however poorly they might lead me) scrolls through clips of different girls chatting on cam and 'mmhmms' her way through a line of advice for each clip before picking one around whom the episode will be based.  All of us assumed we just wouldn't end up being used as there were so many MTV-friendly girls at the call, but my friend Serena informed me that she had seen me on the show, a fact which amuses me endlessly.  Although, I'm not so far above anything that it won't go slap bang on my resume, yes sirree!

A few more days with the kitkats and then I leave this side of Harlem and return to my own tree-lined street in friendly, salsa-music blasting, pavement-picnicking, Spanish-speaking, papaya-juice drinking deckchair-filled helado-vending Washington Heights.  The difference in neighbourhoods is striking.  And comforting - the other day when I made the trip home to watch the Tonys with everyone, I felt myself visibly light up when I got off the train and walked the 2 blocks to my street.  Little things, little things.

A cloudy day on Googlemaps

That to the right, the blue-grey building, is mine.  And that bottom level of the fire escape right above the door is my place.

And that's the view from the top.

I think it's better in the sun - it's a Dominican, Puerto Rican and Mexican neighbourhood, three cultures that are borne of sunny climates.

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