Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This. Is. Incredible.

This is...wow. What an amazing thing. So much about this is incredible. Specifically what I find incredible about this man is his absolutely humble account of his heroism...he completely skims over the part where he kicks in a door. And ends with a joke. And also, as one Twitterer following the story put it, 'Who has the courage of Charles Ramsey? Living life, enjoying a Big Mac and a Coke, ready to kick in a door when someone screams for help.' Where many would question, he just acted. I hope they reward him as he deserves, but I also hope they don't turn it into a media circus with talk show appearances and McDonalds ads. It would ruin the total honest humanity he display in this interview, in my opinion. And I hope people don't get so caught up in the entertainment value of his cracking interview style that the kidnapped women get overlooked - they survived an ordeal that no person should ever have to go through which I think shows a kind of bravery that goes above and beyond and then had the courage to draw enough attention to themselves to get rescued, possibly at their very real peril. Many thoughts. Initially, WOW.

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