Thursday, May 2, 2013

Renunion's a-comin'

Well hallo thar.

Fantastic news - I am expecting not one, not two, but THREE maybe even four Vanessa Golborn School of Dance alums visiting NYC soon!

Beth told me a while ago that she'd be here in May and her sister Kate too - they have family here and Beth is interested in checking out the film and TV scene here I think.  Then yesterday Grace messaged me to say she was coming over and then just now Michelle told me she's going to be here a few months for work and Julia might visit her! I can't believe they're all coming, so looking forward to seeing old friends and catching up/talking about the New York dance scene etc etc.  Lucky me!

Other news - I had my training shifts at the student store today.  It's almost too much fun working there.  I like the people I work with, I like being the person that smiles and says hello when I know from personal experience that some days at AMDA can be hellish and you just need a friendly face.  I also like the free sandwich and drink I get as my shift meal.  Tomorrow I have the entire closing shift by myself for the first time, wish me luck!

Lola also was blessed in the employment department this week - she will be working at a daycare (she was a teacher in Mexico for a long time teaching English to ickle people so she's supremely qualified) and also at Foxwoods Theatre as an usher at the Broadway show 'Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark'.
We are officially an all-girl apartment until next Wednesday as Jacob has gone home for a week to Texas where he will enjoy seeing his mum, dad, brother and sister and also he's going to see a show featuring our friend and AMDA classmate, America Barcenas who coincidentally was the first person I met on orientation day and the first AMDA friend I made.  Break legs America, I'm glad one of us is able to see her be wonderful on stage.

I continue to have lovely rehearsals with SOTA - at the end of Wednesday's, Justin (producer, star) said that he and choreographer Michael are hoping to continue after the show with a new company.  He also mentioned his tap company which I will of course do my damndest to get involved with - the people in the current company are great and Justin and Michael are really something.  Not only do I really like the work they have produced but the fact that they know everyone in the cast, they joke around with us and are encouraging and clear in their instructions and what they want.  That's my kinda creative team.

I inadvertently found myself rereading old blogs, in particular my first one from the first time I landed in this mad magical city.  It was awesome to read some things and served as a great reminder as to why I put myself on this crazytrain in the first place.  THIS is why you blog, people, this is why! It's like my own personal time capsule.  And since I have one from the year before too, I can see my own journey right there on the screen.  It's a good journey.

And it continues tomorrow with more store fun and a hunt for a classical monologue.

Oh gosh, the shouting man has begun - if we forget to close a window before a certain time, we here an arguing couple that mostly consists of a loud, sonorous, resonant male voice.  No distinct words but myyy is he noisy.
Know what? At the Strat there was a resident (one of the old folks that was living there since before AMDA had the building who by NY law were not allowed to be rehoused) who was in a not dangerous but very annoying way off his head and lived opposite me and yelled every night, very late, for a long time, sometimes at me - he did NOOOT like AMDA students and I swear he had a personal vendetta against me.  So I'll take arguing couple any day!

Good will and goodnightxxxxxxxxx

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