Thursday, May 23, 2013

All quiet on the Bloggern front.

Busy busy busy.

Ho hum, where to begin?

Well, I continue to work at the AMDA store, where I mostly have a great time.  It's a very sociable job - this week, all three shifts I have done so far have featured visits from all my closest friends.  If I so chose I would just never need to go anywhere except for my apartment and school because everything I need and everyone I want to see are in those two places.
However I realise that New York City is a big place with a lot of other stuff in it so, I will continue to go elsewhere.
So, work is good.

I danced last weekend in Choreographer's Canvas.  It went very well and was a good time.  As I was getting up the next morning fairly early I couldn't stick around to see the other pieces in the show but I saw a few during tech rehearsal and everything was really impressive.
I received a nice compliment from our producer/lead dancer on my costume hair and makeup.

Hahaaaa that's because it took me like 2 hours!

Many of my fellow ensemble members made little to no effort with theirs, which I was very surprised at...I figure, when you have a chance to take responsibility for your own costume that's kind of a golden opportunity to really make it fantastic.  When there is a wardrobe mistress in charge of everything you wear, you can sometimes end up with costumes that you're not so keen on.  Plus, if your director says '1940s New Yorkers, all black, put a costume together' you go 'aha this is a chance to show them how professional I am, how much I pay attention to details and how much effort I am prepared to make for my job'.  If you show up  in a miniskirt, or with a backless salsa dress or a pencil skirt that you can't possibly dance in, if I was that director I would think 'what these people don't know how to use Google to research something?' Even if you didn't spend a semester at your school working on pre-60s material and having to dress the part for every musical theatre class as I did, there is no excuse these days for not getting something like this right.  Google images and a thrift store is all it takes.  I suppose I'm lucky to be a combination of AMDA grad, borderline OCD about clothes and someone who spent their childhood in a dressing up box doing just this - putting costumes together.
Ok rant over, it is surprising how little effort people will make though.

Other news, other news...well, I met up with Grace AND Beth last week.  I still can't believe I managed to get in two Vanessa Golborn girls in the same week, in New York.
With Grace and her boyfriend I had some wine on the upper west side and then a very delicious dinner and of course a huge catch up.  They had been in Texas visiting his brother who lives there so they weren't in the city long, it was just a few days to round off their USA trip.  AND, lucky gits, they went to Madison Square Garden to see a Knicks game the night before they flew home - so jealous.  I have always wanted to do that.
And then Beth and I had a really yummy brunch on Sunday - I ate a LOT at this place called Back Forty on the lower east side - I highly recommend it to anyone.  Their prices are good and the food is delicious.  Of course we also had a lot of catching up to do so we were sitting there for some hours yapping away.  
Next Sunday I am meeting Michelle and the weekend after THAT Julia is visiting! Some kind of exodus is happening.

That's all good news so I must relate the sad, sad news that knocked us all for six this week.

On Monday, our dear Maite learned that her father is very very sick, so she flew home to Spain on Tuesday at 7pm.  It is two weeks until graduation so if necessary I will march on AMDA to make sure they allow her to graduate even though she's had to leave early.  We had a farewell dinner (we the bedbugs - me, Cristi, Anel, Lola, Joris, Maite) on Monday night and all feel very sad that Maite has to go through this and that she had to leave New York.  She will come back, she just has no idea when.  Until then, we will miss her terribly.

News from Spain is positive so far, continue to hope and pray and send our love and support.

I will end on good news and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELIZ CUMPLEANOS to Maman! The Fairey Birthday season is upon us.  As always, things in the post that will arrive delayed - think of it as extended Birthday not delayed.
Lots of love to the Birthday girl!

And now my busy life must go on - there is cleaning to do and class to take.  Here I go again!

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