Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday's child

A successful Tuesday with many thoughts accumulating for blogworld.

I wrote them all down on the back of the timetable I made for myself.  At this moment I will deal only with Tuesday.

I was a hair model this morning/afternoon - not something I've ever entertained doing before but I found it on craigslist and they called me and who am I to turn things down? I showed up at 9.30 this morning ready to be hair and makeupped...and sat around waiting for a long time as the hair and makeup people were late.  It's a company that makes extensions and wigs from real human hair, very in demand as a higher quality alternative to synthetic hair.  They are purchased for extensions, wigs, weaves, hairpieces - and the company also donates hair to victims of burns, cancer, alopecia etc.  So it's for a very good cause, the women running the show today were lovely and it was quite an experience for me.  I was very alarmed at the amount of makeup that was plastered on my face - the artist was great, she did fantastic work on all the other girls, but I know my face well and I also know that a very heavy dark winged eye plus a dark red lip plus heavy contouring and colouring is a bad combination - at best, street walker - at worst, drag queen.  After a while I got used to it and it just felt and looked like heavy dance show makeup which I'm more accustomed to - but when I first saw my made-up face I wanted to tell the artist she was crazy and that putting that much heavy dark colour on a very fair girl is not a good idea.  But, whatevs.  It is all for the resume experience and practice.
See what I mean? Crikey
Plus there was the hair extension...it was just clipped in for me and most of the other girls.  My hair is notoriously fine and consequently any hairpieces should be expertly applied, or my own hair will not cover the join.  As is happening on the left of this picture.  I won't lie and say that I was a little amazed at how the quality of some girls' hair and makeup could be so high when mine was really not thought out well - I would have been better off doing it all myself. 
Hmph.  Made it through though, and immediately ran to the nearest chemist to buy makeup remover wipes and scrubbed my face like fury, as I had two auditions to go to neither of which required the Las Vegas showgirl look. 

I'm going to do the thing you're not supposed to do and say - NAILED IT!
Two good auditions, two happy panels, one delighted Tessa.  I really think half the battle of this audition biz is finding the people that 'get' you.  I always sort of suspected that people casting for summer seasons of multiple shows would not get me.  People casting for one-off reimagined dance pieces do, as we have seen.  And it seems that people casting original works in independent downtown Manhattan theatres about dystopian future societies and Goddesses - those people get me too.  Who woulda thunk it.  We'll see what happens re scheduling etc.  No matter what I know I hit my stride with these folks today.  Everybody gets a win after a string of loses - and BOY did I have a lose over the weekend which I will detail in the near future.

Love and peacexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS I am 23 in ONE WEEK!

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