Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Myvery own Reloaded creation!

www.reloaded.mx Beautiful unique clothes by the very talented and very lovely Castro sisters. Pauli is creative director, Claudia is commerce/sales and my gal Cristi is marketing. One of my favourite games is 'sift through Cristi's wardrobe and play dressing up' because she has the most amazing collection of dresses, many of which are Reloaded, so I've been yearning for some of my own since I've known her. I think I like them because they're a good balance of girly and edgy with interesting details, and there's something nonchalant about them which I appreciate.  I also appreciate the fact that this dress makes me look quite skinny but is really comfy.  Hahahar.  Also I know two of these girls (I haven't met Claudia) and know personally that they are too-cool-for-school style queens who have vibes all their own - people whos style can't be copied are the most stylish of all in my opinion. Those are definitely people who I want making clothes for me. Well, not for me, but you know.

Next time it's a sunny day and I wear this dress out somewhere I'm getting some better picture to show the pattern on the skirt and the lace detail at the top and on the back. 

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