Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Power to the Blogger! It took me sooo many attempts to get this to publish

Iiiiii wiiiiIIIILLLLLL BLOG! Dammit!

Stupid website deciding to take a few days off...I have thoughts, I must record them (said the child of the 90s-00s Era of Overshare).

So many stored up from the last couple of weeks...too many.  This will have to be done as a gradual process or a stream-of-consciousness type until my hands seize up, we'll see which it ends up being.

Lola returns tomorrow night, JOY

My first rehearsal for Slaughter On Tenth Avenue which henceforth shall be known as SOTA is on Friday

I meet an old friend from Loftstel tomorrow afternoon - can't wait

I got free food from school yesterday, hurrah for skulking around the student store at closing time on throwing-out day!

More job prospects lining up...won't go into detail until more is solid but all digits crossed because I like these prospects

My good friend and New York big bro is in LA for 6 weeks where he will have a recurring role in huge TV show (that I've never seen and barely heard of but I know it's a big deal) Dexter - wahoo!

I am planning brunch for this Sunday which will be the official Lola's Home celebration and I am far too excited about my menu, and also about place settings...oh dear.  Really, really when did this happen

It is the Birthday month of some of the best people ever! I turn 23 in 19 days.  That is a horrifying thought.  I don't feel great about it...I feel that I have behaved far too well since I turned 18, and that's not for lack of trying.

It's Jazz Appreciation Month so I vow to go a jazz club this month.  Preferably Fat Cat as that is the jazz club that I was kicked out of aged 20 for drinking underage.  Ha.

It is really really important for my spiritual wellbeing (Operation Chi still underway!) to do something creative every day however small.  So the other day I did this - bow braids!

What did I do today that was creative? Yesterday I began reading the play Secret Rapture by David Hare who wrote Plenty - I'm determined to plough through everything of his I can find in the library.  And today........OH I read a beautiful and compelling short story called 'It's six am, do you know where you are?' by Jay McInerney.  I feel like I need to make something today though...forsooth, the time has perhaps come for me to droppeth some beats into ye floore (though it may be a bit late for tap dancing so that should wait til tomorrow)

There is a pile of stuff on my bed that needs to be tidied and it is laughing maniacally at my failure to deal with it thus far so in order to make it STOP I must go and attend to my domestic duties.

For now, paxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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