Saturday, April 13, 2013

From the Czech Republic (which some Americans think is in Russia) with love

Our dear Ruth Horackova (hor-atch-kova) just came up bringing us a plate of beautiful and delicious homemade Czech treats called - ugh I forgot what they are called but they are really good, with a chocolate biscuit base and cheesecake middle and chocolate on top.  Light but rich and creamy.  She promised us at brunch last week that she would bring us a delicious surprise and she did! Is this what it's like to live in a cooperative? Feels that way, we do a lot of resource sharing.

2C residents are tired out after a crazy wild night cream, crisps, charades and that game where you have the name of a person on your forehead and have to ask your fellow players questions to work out who it is.  Jacob and I are charades masterminds and should enter competitions, however the other game was nt a victory for him - not the first round anyway.  Sena gave him 'Hello Kitty' and bless him he asked enough of the correct questions to get it down to 'it's a cartoon cat that represents a brand, originated in Asia though is known worldwide and is very popular' - and then got stuck.  In round 2 he got as far as 'he's a legend who lives on a different spiritual plane, is associated with religion, did not create the world, has been around for centuries, originated in Europe who helps and punishes people' but couldn't make the jump to 'Zeus' for a very long time.  It amazes me that he would be essentially reciting a dictionary definition of the thing he was trying to guess and then wouldn't get it for another half hour.  Both of these games are hugely entertaining, watching people frustratedly ask weirder and weirder questions - 'can I be eaten? No? I thought maybe I was a supercarrot or something' and perform funnier and funnier gestures in charades.  Get a bunch of actors together to play that and it will never be boring.

Speaking of funny, I laughed like a drain the other night when I arrived home lateish with Lola and Sena popped out of her bedroom to tell me 'I found the eggs in my bedroom'.  Sena had asked me earlier that day about eggs that she thought she'd had and couldn't find in the fridge - I apologised profusely and said perhaps they had been inadvertently used up at brunch in which case she was welcome to use as many of mine as she wanted.  But no, the eggs were naturally in her bedroom.  ???

I attended an audition earlier today for a new musical set in a futuristic society.  I am sorry to say that it wasn't my best - having had no indication whatsoever what kind of music it would be featuring, choosing a song to do a cut of for them was no easy task last night and I was still umming and ahhing on the train there today.  In the end I think I didn't make the best choice which is a shame but you can just never tell til it's too late really.  And I also know that I need some better 'legit' pieces (bad slang for either classical pieces or 'pieces that primarily employ the upper range, head voice and soprano register' - I Could Have Danced All Night, or Tonight - both 'legit' in this context) as they asked for one and I didn't have anything good in my book so I took a chance which I wasn't that happy with in hindsight.  However I am happy with how I read and I honestly think I would be a good fit for the role, my accent definitely gives me a different angle as she is supposed to be steely, composed and disdainful and, thank you cultural stereotyping, there's nothing that says those things like a bossy, boarding-school-mistress Southern English accent.  Likewise they need trained dancers with an excellent sense of rhythm and someone who is strong and fit.  Well, I'm not in pique physical condition (snort, understatement of the year) but I am strong and fit with a great capacity to become stronger and fitter.  Keeping up my yoga and pilates videos, it's definitely working.
So - yes, I know when I haven't had a great audition.  Perhaps they will still call me in because they like my look or how I read or something, perhaps not.  The point is I'm finding and going to auditions, it's partly a numbers game.

As it is AWESOME PEOPLE BIRTHDAY MONTH I am going to talk a little about this year's extravaganza.  I am proud to present


Teams of two to four
Photo-based - once you've found the list item, you take a picture
Prizes awarded for quantity of things ticked off the list and also quality of things: if the list item calls for a photograph of a famous person, the team who get the closest - or get a picture of team members actually with famous person - win the quality point.
The funnier and weirder the list items the better
Time limit - as yet undecided
Start and finish rendevouz points also yet to be decided but will both be some kind of dive bar
Impartial gamesmaster (probably Maite who will be in her showcase so can't make the beginning of this) will judge at the end
etc etc etc!

I am very very excited about this, I don't think I've ever actually been in a scavenger hunt but it just sounds so funny to send everyone madly scrambling around the whole place and trying to find ridiculous things.  And as one of the most intrepid city explorers of my group of friends, I think I stand a good chance in the rankings! Plus I will get to see some faces I haven't in a good while and when we've finished hunting enjoy a good old knees up at some 20-something centric place on the Lower East Side.

Contributions to the scavenger hunt list warmly welcomed!

Have to take a nap before heading out for the evening, my fellow Brit bonny wee lass Lauren has had her boyfriend Mark here for the last three months, a good long stay after they didn't see each other for almost a year cos he went to Australia, but he's off home tomorrow so she's holding a goodbye bash for him.


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