Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthday week

Well, I am 23.  That feels like a proper grown-up age.  I'm sure I'll say the same thing next year though.

Iiiii had a wonderful Birthday day, took it pretty easy in the morning, made myself nice French toast and a smoothie and as a treat to myself I watched the musical episode of Buffy.  Yes that is a treat.  Moseyed down to the Upper West Side for a bit and bought myself a mini version of a nice product from Sephora the beauty and cosmetics mecca, and picked up my free Birthday ice cream cone from Ben and Jerrys on the way home.  I then cooked a (yummy if I say so myself) lunch for the usual motley crew, who else would I want to spend my day with? And they all came bearing lovely gifts - earrings, flowers, incense, Made-In-England soap, chocolates, Korean products shaped like fruit...y'know.  And in the evening went for drinks! So that was celebration number 1 but as we all know by now I don't do just 1...the big event is on Saturday and I am so so excited.  Everything that gets added to the scavenger hunt list increases it's comedy potential.  I'm really just looking forward to seeing pictures of my friends being ridiculous and hearing about how they tried to turn a pigeon purple, or something.

In other excellent news, I got a job! Again! But this time I know it's for real...I will be the new supervisor at the AMDA student store! It's perfect, hours that I can work and still babysit and go to my rehearsals, I know and like the people there, AMDA is home, I'll get to be around teachers who I look up to, I get a free lunch!!! (I really genuinely love the sandwiches and salads that they have there, this is a big deal for me) and I'll see friends every day! To put a cherry on the cake, the other supervisor is none other than the wacky and wonderful Lauren Downie, my good Scottish friend.  So we won't get to work together ever but between us we will be responsible for other workers.  Which is hilarious really.  And also, the Britons are coming.

I had a good time skyping Theodora today, I haven't skyped anyone in a while and it was nice to catch up, vent a bit, coo over her cat, have fun with googlemaps etc.  S'been a pretty darn good week, may it continue.  Tap rehearsal tonight and then I visit my Luxembourgian pal Michel.


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