Monday, March 18, 2013

The Strange Case...

More good news!

I have a job.  That is to say, I went to an open call, filled in an application form, was screened, was interviewed and was hired. 

Jekyll and Hyde is essentially a theme restaurant.  There is a location in Greenwich Village which is the original Jekyll and Hyde, it's a bar that does some food and it's quite cool, it has a creepy, Victoriana, doors-hidden-in-bookshelves portraits-with-moving-eyes thing going on. The restaurant version that's pretty newly opened takes it to an entirely new level of tourist kitsch - there's a Sphinx head on the wall, plus some taxidermy, some shrunken heads, a shark, skeleton musician animatronics, a 'reanimation experiment' show done with actors, Greek statues, Egyptian mummies and icons, dark wood, black and red table decor...just about everything.  I don't know how a lot of it fits in with Jekyll and Hyde but why not eh.  Oh and EVERYTHING moves, talks, blasts music, makes spooky noises...actually being interviewed there was hilarious, I was fighting very hard to keep a straight face because the guy was trying to explain something in a very serious way and right next to us a mummy was jerking around and yelling bad jokes in an incongruous hip-hop culture dialect, so my interviewer had to keep raising his voice.  Poor guy, he'd been there all day.

Anyway based on my resume I wouldn't be hired but he liked my personality *tosses hair* well y'know.  It's this whole thing of 'do you have experience in a high volume New York place?' No I don't but you can teach me, I'm very clever, look I can hold these plates and walk at the same time.  The fundamentals of waitressing itself are not rocket science - you take the orders, you bring the orders, you take the empty plates away.  But waitressing well is about presentation, manners, being friendly and perceptive - all of which I've had lots of practice at and are aspects of the job that I quite enjoy.  So I'm very grateful to this interviewer who said 'I can train someone to be a great server but I can't train their personality'.  Precisely my friend what I have been saying all along.
This is fairly conditional - being the one with no high-volume NYC experience he was saying they'll start me off with a small section, see how I do, if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out etc.  Fair enough, I say.  The only problem I foresee is scheduling - I still have to go to auditions, I'm supposed to meet with a lady re: babysitting this week and I have Thursday night tap rehearsals with Ya'el. So I'll see how that will figure out at 'orientation'.
The point is for a few weeks at least I will be able to earn some money and have some kind of consistent purpose.  Thank GOODNESS.  Also, my first time working for any kind of corporation - we'll see how that turns out.  Note to self: Bite your tongue!

How I feel today
Our couch, in the middle of 2C, our couch!

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