Thursday, March 7, 2013

The object of art is to give life a shape.

 If you can read this...I urge you to go to  This is the website of my extremely talented friend Thee.  She makes beautiful, enigmatic and thought-provoking pieces of art most of which are based around the effects of technology on the individual, how we are able to reduce ourselves, innermost thoughts and feelings, to data on the internet...I can't explain it as well as she does.  Anyway every time it's been a while since I looked at her website or blog I am newly blown away by how much I love what she makes.  And I don't just say that because we're friends...rather, I think we are friends because I am blown away by the kind of stuff that comes out of her brain.  That's two minds that are just supposed to get along.  I also just love her for turning something incredibly painful and devastating into something cool and beautiful, thus making it okay. 
Just...go look, please, and tell me that's not amazing art.

We have art so that we shall not die of reality.

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