Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Importance of Being Furnished

Chi update: I think it is improved for a walk by the river and some yoga.

I made it to the last standing lighthouse on Manhattan - Jeffrey's Hook lighthouse which I will revisit and take pictures's a lovely thing to go and see.  It's one of those special 'things to do in New York that cost no money but some imagination' gems that few people experience because it's not an obvious place to sightsee.  But it's right on my doorstep, and it's great.

And now a brief home improvements update - addition of fairy lights, always a winner.  That's one of my grandpa's flat caps hanging on the wall...I've had it for years, I don't think he knows I've got it :D
George Michael the panda is eyeing you suspiciously from the windowsill.  And the beautiful parasol hanging mobile given to me by Ellie is temporarily over the window.

Made some collage boards - cards, notes, photos, mementos that all used to be all over my walls are now tidily arranged in thrift store frames.

 My favourite find from Goodwill (charity shop).  It kind of looks like a floodlight or something.  And it cost me a princely $5.00.

Yes I realise that I've become obsessed with interiors.

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