Friday, March 22, 2013

Some pictures of the tunnel under Lincoln Centre - when I get off the subway at 66th st to walk to school, I always use this tunnel to cut from the station to 61st and Amsterdam.  It's nice shelter on cold or wet or, as in these pics, SNOWY days - it came down like fury out of nowhere earlier this week.  Maite fell down in the snow.  Also, it's just a really cool place to walk - the actual tunnel is the two pictures at the top.  It's like granite or something, and all new and shiny and with Metropolitan Opera and New York Philarmonic ads lining the walls and these cool lights.  And it echoes fantastically.  I have this tiny lightbulb that appears over my head every time I walk through and it's empty, which is often - it would be the BEST place for a tap...thing.  Number, jam, mash-up, performance-art-with-tap piece.  The light and shadows, the acoustics, the fantastic clicky floor that bounces sounds like they're shot out of a cannon.  Guerilla tap project.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I will do brief news bulletin and then I must take a nap because I have much to do later on and have had some very early mornings and late nights this week.

  • Orientation for Jekyll and Hyde today - hmm, yes.  We'll see.
  • Watched some of a Different Place gig last night, via live internet stream! WOW! I couldn't believe I was really seeing Mark, Dave and Dan walking around, setting up and then playing and singing.  Live internet streaming at gigs = gold
  • Met Jodi Jefferson about babysitting the other day.  What a cool lady with two very nice fun sparky and artistic kids who were very keen to show me all kinds of everything and do a fashion show and toys and reading and drawing and dancing and school and spelling.....phew!
  • Me and Sena begin our health kick today because not being in AMDA mad activity mode is not good for our fitness!
  • Great rehearsal with Ya'el Tap yesterday
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz more stuff sometime


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