Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pilgrim's Progress

A little quiet on the blog front...worry not, no news is good news! Been busy.

Training for a job I may or may not keep - I don't know if a Hampshire country girl can learn the underhand and sharp-elbowed ways of the Times Square restaurant worker.  Or rather, I can learn them but can I carry them out and live with myself? Not sure.

Speaking of Hampshire, I got a small piece of it when I was able to meet up with none other than Richard Taylor, the former Thomas Lord owner and the man who started my whole pub working career - over in NY to visit some friends and celebrate his Birthday managed to find time to meet me for a coffee and catch up.  Absolutely fabulous.

AND...I got some amazing news this morning which I have not properly celebrated but I am so so excited to say that I will be performing in Choreographers Canvas (Google it) WITH Justin Boccitto (Google him) artistic directed by Michael Blevins (Google him!) in a reworked version of Slaughter on Tenth Avenue...


I hope this note finds you having a wonderful day! Congratulations! We'd like you to be a Company Dancer in "Slaughter On Tenth Avenue" that will be featured in GTT's Choreographer's Canvas on May 18th, 2013.

Please see the attached schedule and let us know if you have any conflicts that would prevent you from participating. Please confirm your acceptance by dropping us a note at: before or no later than Wednesday, March 27th at 6PM.

We look forward to working with you! Thanks so much.


Executive Producer
The Group Theatre Too, LLC

For Justin Boccitto, I have no conflicts.

Slaughter on Tenth is an unbelievable piece of dance and music that is associated with so many greats...Rodgers and Hart of course and my number one idol GENE KELLY (In Words and Music, the 1948 Technicolor film biography of Rodgers and Hart, the ballet was danced by Gene Kelly and Vera-Ellen, with a somewhat revised, more tragic storyline, and new choreography by Kelly) and originally danced by another hero Ray Bolger (Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz among others).

It's sort of blowing my mind that I will be involved with this.  It's quite emotional in fact...once you have done all your googling, imagine that you are an early-20s dancer who idolises aforementioned people, AND who longs to be a hoofer, AND who has come from a tiny village in rural will understand why it's emotional.

When I have a little free time I will blog some more because I would like to share some more things from wondrous New York City life.

 Peace love and dancingxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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