Sunday, March 17, 2013

OMGOMGOMG said the fangirl


I was an extra in a web series today.  It's called 'It Could Be Worse' and is about a struggling actor trying to make it whilst dealing with relationships etc etc - so far, so familiar (except that I have no relationship, hmph). 

Then you learn that everyone featured in it is some kind of star and you have to grab the edge of the sink you're standing in front of because you're suddenly feeling giddy.

Quick reel-off of people I met, spent time with, even made jokes with today -

Robert Creighton who just finished starring on Broadway in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, one of my favourite shows I've ever seen (I got a 'Hurricane ticket' for $20 - Sandy really made things tough for the theatres) because it's all done in the style of English Victorian music-hall with elements of pantomime - the lead male role is done as a 'principal boy' and was played magnificently by original Elphaba in Wicked, Stephanie J Block.  Oh also it's based on the unfinished Charles Dickens novel that gives this musical it's name.  Great show, Mr Creighton was one of my favourite parts of said show, and today I was shut in a bathroom with him for a while as he pretended to...well, we were in a bathroom, I won't bore disgust you with the details.  It's a mad world.

Filming this was Mitchell Jarvis.  Me being a total dunderhead had no idea that he was the original Lonny in the Broadway cast of Rock of Ages, a show that means a lot to me.  Lonny is the narrator of the show.  So aside from starring/originating in a huge show that I love (amongst many other credits), Mitchell Jarvis is a supremely cool being who was dead friendly and like someone I'd enjoy have beers with.

Wesley Taylor plays the lead of this series - he also has a long list of credits,  there's TV series SMASH and also Rock of Ages original cast + more.  He was lying in a bathtub next to me for a was by his fair hand that I was selected to be 'girl doing makeup in bathroom mirror oblivious to chaos around her' which is what led to the Robert Creighton bathroom exravaganza.

Walking around sometimes - Alison Fraser who I've admired since I saw her in 'In Masks Outrageous and Austere' a world premiere of an adaptation of semi-unfinished Tennessee Williams play that my good friend Sam Underwood was in, alongside Grande Dame of Theatre Shirley Knight.  Ms Fraser is memorable for her eccentric and outrageous performance in that play and doubtless she is equally outrageous in ICBW. 
Also walking around (this, sadly, is the one I got most excited about when I worked out who it was) - Brennan Brown.

Most known to UK audiences as the guy from the Orange ads - you know, you go to the cinema and before the film they show an ad that both promotes Orange Wednesday two-for-one cinema tickets and reminds you to turn off your phone.  And there's always a guy who is like a board exec and his assistant and they are coming up with ad campaigns that are always daft and they generally feature celebrities...well Brennan Brown is the board exec, anyway.  I always loved those ads so I was extremely happy to see him walking around in the flesh.  Mr Brennan of course has many other credits to his name, but I haven't seen any of those and I saw him in the Orange ads every time I went to the cinema for 4 years.

Also doing a small part of a scene today was a guy who was Woof in Hair on Broadway which obviously makes me fantastically excited cos Woof  is the best.

PHEW so as if all that wasn't enough excitement -

I got home and madly googled all this and learned that guest stars who have been or will be appearing in the series include
Audra McDonald - recently Bess in Porgy and Bess at Lincoln Centre, kind of a big deal)
Nick Adams - original cast Priscilla Queen of the Desert and also Cagelle in the revival two years ago when I nannied - I knew him when!
Debra Messing - Will and Grace
Ann Harada - original Christmas Eve in Avenue Q
Christopher Seiber - current Billy Flynn in Broadway's Chicago and my graduation speaker
and more


Now if only life were like in movies and they would call me tomorrow and say 'we loved you, do you want to star in an upcoming feature film opposite ..............? Noone else can do this role'.  Hahahahaha.....still, not every day you bump into and spend time in a room with these people.

Yaaaay for Craigslist where I found out about this thing!


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