Friday, March 15, 2013


Uh oh...I found a website called that has an abundance ('what's abundance?' 'a disco in a bakery!') of good yoga videos and a particular sequence that I think I may become addicted to.  I did it last night before bed and had the best night's sleep I've had in a while, no tossing and turning, no nothing.  So there are times when I rue technology and there are times when I praise it to the skies because without it I'd have so many more excuses not to exercise.  Said the dancer.  Worst ever.  I've never been a good work-outer, it has to be disguised as fun - dance, sports, swimming, walking with dogs or fun people.  Like when you have to feed vegetables to children.
I think the chi situation is improving definitely.  It occurred to me that my more cynical and pragmatic pals (...not that I really have any, actually, everyone believes in something)  might think 'oh there goes Tessa again on about chi and flow and chakras and sssshhhh get yourself together' but to be honest just because I'm using the terms of other cultural practices and beliefs doesn't mean what I'm talking about isn't universally applicable.  You might just talk about feeling drained rather than having blocked chi.  Same dealio.

Errr speaking of beliefs real quick - I had a visit today from some missionaries...I want to say Jehovah's Witnesses but I get confused cos they are the ones that come knocking on doors, right? But then they had the Mormon-type white shirts and nametags...or do they all have that? Hang on

Smiley dog entertains you while Tessa googles stuff (isn't it odd how google is a verb in common use now when a few years ago it was just a funny word?)

Ok, I think they were Mormons.  I didn't get a chance to find out because after opening the door I clocked pretty quickly that they were going to tell me about things I felt no need to hear about.  And I felt no qualms about saying 'thank you but, you've got the wrong house' because to do anything else would have been wasting my time and theirs.  That's the first time that's ever happened to me - so now I can tick it off my bucket list (kidding).  I wonder how they got into the building though?

Disney Cruise Line dance call tomorrow - the thing about these are, it's not practical at all for an OPT kid like myself (optional practical training, the thing that all the foreigners get a year of after they finish school here, it allows you to work legally in the US provided it pertains to your field of study)

It's not that practical because you get one year to do work so it's a good idea to get stuff on your resume that is preferably NYC- or maybe LA-based as that is what looks best to the immigration folks when they review your case for an O1 (artists) visa.  If you take off for half of that year on a ship it's kind of a waste.  Nonetheless, Disney are always holding auditions, they come around a lot, and it's good to keep showing up.  Plus if you did book a job with them they are quite good at dealing with visas and stuff, being a huge multinational corporation.
And I'm going to be an extra in a scene for a film on Sunday night - the film has Gideon Glick in it, who I have kind of a thing for since I saw him in Into The Woods in Central Park opposite Donna Murphy, Sarah Stiles and Amy Adams.  That's not why I'm doing it I swear.

My dear friend Kayley just arrived so I will discuss life with her for a while - I came to school to get some work done and naturally found a bunch of people in the same boat as me which is always good.

Library fun!xxxxxxxxx

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