Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Just wanted to share a couple of things that I've fallen in love with

Laura Nyro, my new musical obsession.  I realise she's not new but to me she is.  She was the only female musician that Joni Mitchell respected as a peer.  I have this book called Girls Like Us by Sheila Weller.  If you've ever met me you will have at some point seen it poking out of my bag, I've read it over and over.  It is a comfort, an inspiration, a bible, a guidebook and all kinds of other great things for me.  Although it's about the sometimes interweaving journeys of Joni Mitchell, Carol King and Carly Simon and the changes of their generation, other figures such as James Taylor, Graham Nash, Gerry Goffin, Judy Collins and Miss Nyro pop up a lot.  She kind of blows my mind.
(Since I touched on the subject, a brief word about that book and its female heroines - I am grateful that the book was written because from it I have learned many things about those three badass ladies that are as I said before a comfort and an inspiration.  Joni Mitchell travelled far from home to New York City by herself and had to go through hell before doing so in giving up her out-of-wedlock child.  Carol King was living the life of a 35 year old by the time she was my age, with 2 kids and mah jong games and estate cars - and a drug-addled husband.  Carly Simon (this is for me the most relatable) suffered severe anxiety with panic attacks that so prevented her from doing what she wanted to do that she would be sunk in a depression for long periods of time.  If those ladies could deal with all that, in the 60s when although change was beginning for women it had a loooong way to go, then goodness knows I can handle whatever life throws at me.)

...are you kidding me??? Wow.

And the other thing I am loving today is my new (old) white wooden cabinet with 3 shelves and two doors with glass panels in them.  It was on the street when I arrived home today.  I have scrubbed it down with antibacterial cleaner and sprayed it all over with disinfectant and I'll need to sand a couple of edges and reinforce the back a little but it's in good shape otherwise.  I have filled it already, one shelf for books one for binders and one for trinkets, bits and pieces, notebooks.  So my homemade cardboard storage unit is now 50% smaller.  Today was a moody day spent frantically applying for jobs, student films and other casting calls, one of those days when you just wish something great would happen to change your negative perception of life.  And it does, it does! Oh New York City, living here is always a little schizophrenic, what she giveth she taketh away and thankfully vice versa, or just replaceth with something better.

Tomorrow is Sena's Birthday which we will be celebrating in a modest fashion with pizza on the floor with good company and some sort of decorations, which I will be inventing around 6pm.  Wish me luck.

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