Thursday, March 14, 2013


I have a new project to begin.

Since graduating from AMDA it has been an interesting and at times pretty tough ride.  There's the audition process which can be brutal - getting up before dawn to ride down to midtown to wait for hours and then get rejected based on a quick glance from a director.  There's the house - as the most hygiene-conscious person in this house I get a little OCD sometimes and surfaces left uncleaned or dishes left in the sink for more than 24 hours make me crazy.  Plus dealing with bills, the internet people right now are being crap and not fixing something we need fixed and of course still billing us.  Sleeping on an air mattress, long-term - harder than it sounds.  Especially one that deflates gradually. 

All this is minor stuff, really - I'm dead lucky, got nice roommates, a lovely apartment with plenty of space, surrounded by friends, the ability to make and feed myself nourishing sustenance, a working body, some nice pairs of shoes and I live in New York.

Nonetheless - this past week I'm getting the feeling that something is not right.  I'm having to force myself to go audition hunting and email submissions to casting notices, which a few weeks ago was all I ever wanted to do.  I spend most of my days dressed in some kind of exercise clothes or jeans and a t-shirt - for someone who went the whole of sixth form college without once repeating an outfit, this is not right.  I haven't been inspired to cook something awesome for a couple of weeks and have let my diet get boring - still good, but boring.  And yesterday I felt drained, exhausted and just done, for no real reason having had a good night's sleep and an iron-and-protein rich breakfast.

I have no expertise in Chinese medicine but I believe in certain principles of it.  For example, chi.
Chi (or Qi in Japan) is life-force energy.  In India it's Prana and is intersected in our bodies by chakras, points of spinning energy that yoga postures connect to and regulate.

Everything in creation is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light and color. The existence of electromagnetic fields around every object in the world, known as an Aura, is a scientifically proven fact. The Chinese refer to this energy as 'Chi' (pronounced Chee), the vital life force energy of the Universe, present within every living thing.

So I'm thinking my chi is blocked and I need to do something about it.
Sena has a little knowledge of Chinese medicine as I believe she had to study a little of it during her time gaining her voice degree.  And Charles downstairs is an avid fan of Tai Chi which obviously is designed specifically to keep chi moving.  So my first ports of call are my two friends.

Second is go to a yoga class.  There is a great organisation called Yoga To The People which offers really cheap i.e. $5-8 classes in vinyasa and hot yoga.  I love hot yoga, it is fantastically hard but also fantastically cleansing, energising and empowering.  Those are three things that I seem to be in need of so, later on today I should get me down to 26th St.

Acupuncture is of course the most widely-known technique used in the west and alongside Western medicine - I am a believer, as I had a few sessions a while back when I was suffering some pain in my ribs and my knees (rib pain, weird I know but it was there!) and they really helped not only alleviate the pain but relax my mind and yes, get my energy flowing.

The other thing I just thought of is going down to Chinatown where I could probably find any number of aucpuncture, massage, herbal and reflexology practitioners at varying levels of shady.  I could walk into any medicine shop and just ask them, and they'll give me what I need.  I would be really interested to try that.  Maybe take Charles with me, get some delicious rice bread dumplings while we're down there.  (My new favourite foreign delicacy: steamed rice break dumplings dipped in condensed milk).

So, I am going to begin my experiment, starting with today a yoga class.  And some other, little things - make sure no sharp corners are pointing at my bed.  Eating 'cold' foods - not as in temperature as in yin and yang.
'Yin is damaged by overconsumption of heating, stimulating foods such as coffee, strong spices, lamb, ginger, mustard etc. These will also make you feel more agitated and shaky. In contrast, cooling Yin building foods include things like asparagus, apple, lemon, pear, seaweed. make sure you drink plenty of water too.'
I have apples, I have seaweed!

Operation unblock chi commencing.

(In other news I went to a Chorus Line open call yesterday where I saw one of the Cagelles - when I was here nannying two years ago my boss was the choreographer of Tony-award winning revival on Broadway of La Cage aux Folles.  Cagelles are the ensemble of La Cage - cross-dressed, all-singing all-dancing chorus girls.  They became a pretty big deal on their own from this revival, these Cagelles had a good few TV appearances and quite a following - and there was one, standing in line near me the lowly nanny at an open call for a not even off-Broadway show.  Life is a circle game, as Joni would say.)

Peace love and flowing energyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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