Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bare bones

I'd like to share this thing what I maked

It's the bare bones of a mashup kind of thing - it's made up of 4ish songs by Robyn, Swedish electropop artist who I LOVE LOVE LOVE

I made it up ages ago actually and just now managed to get it down.  It's far from perfect - I can hear how phrases slot together but when I'm trying to sing one part and hear the other part in my head simultaneously sometimes it gets a little skewed.  So this is rough rough draft.  One part (the distorted part - it sounds that way because I recorded it on my digital voice recorder and I kind of love it) is made up of songs that talk about the end of a relationship.  And the other part is all from the song 'Call Your Girlfriend' - a girl saying 'you're with me now so you have to tell her that it's over'.  I thought it was cool how the songs from the distorted part are like the words of the victim of that breakup...if you get me.  Like, one girl is losing her man to the other girl...and this is what they both say to said man from their respective perspectives.  Respective perspectives, there's a good one.
Don't ask me why it says September 5th 2012, I didn't do that.

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