Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Rock of Ages non-equity national tour today.

A little insight into my own personal audition process...on a good day anyway.  It doesn't always go down this well.

It begins with getting home from rehearsal last night at 11ish, deciding it was too late to eat a meal but having some delicious and soothing chai.  Then getting everything prepped for audition - headshots and resumes, cut to size and stapled back to back, in my music binder.  Music binder equipped with: choice of three 80s rock/pop songs plus my regular audition repertoire of go-to songs which includes Kander and Ebb, Noel Coward, a little Cabaret, a couple of contemporary ballads, Easy To Be Hard from Hair, Skylark by Hoagy Carmichael and my tour-de-force, Screw Loose from Cry Baby.  It's good to have one absolute go-to song, but you also need a decent variety of pre-60s material, traditional Broadway, pop, rock, ballad, comedy, patter, it's not a bad idea to have some Disney in there...a lot of stuff.  So my book is well-stocked for now, I'll need to do an edit soon as I find new material. 
Into the wheely bag goes the binder, plus character heels, tights, shorts, a couple of different dancewear options, jeans, high heeled boots, hair curlers, hairspray, makeup, water, an apple, current reading material, painkillers, emergency support bandage. 

I jump into bed by midnight and attempt to get some shut-eye.  Alarm is set for 4.30 and I have a fairly restless few hours before I roll back out of bed and dive straight into the shower.  Post-shower routine is get dressed in the basic layer of my dancewear for the day, leggings and a pink top over which goes the nice blouse I may or may not need if I have to sing (sometimes they say stay in dance clothes but you just never know) plus my Guns n Roses tshirt for luck - this is Rock of Ages after all - and a multitude of other layers cos it's cooold out today.  Trackie bottoms, trainers and I'm ready to be comfy on my early morning journey.
The deal is that for any audition, there is a sign-up process.  At most of them, there will be an 'unnofficial list' that gets started by whoever is there first.  Unnofficial lists are wonderful things because there is a universally accepted unwritten law that states he or she who signs the unnofficial list is free to leave after having done so until the audition start time.  This means that if you get there at 5am you can be number 1 on the list and go back to bed for a couple of hours because the audition won't be starting til 10, usually.  Or, if you don't make it there at the crack of dawn, you will be higher up on the list so say you end up as number 150, you know that you won't be seen until at least 1 because they'll be seeing groups of 30 every hour. 
Most of the time, the people running the audition will take the unnofficial list - it makes everyone's life easier.  But occasionally a casting notice will say 'no unofficial list will be accepted.'  Then we all groan and haul ourselves down there prepared to wait around a LOT.

Today however is a good day and there is a list on which I am number 9, having made it to the studio (coincidentally on the street where I lived whilst nannying - oh to live there still, I could've rolled out still in my PJs at 3am, been number 1 and gone back to bed for 5 hours) at a respectable 6am. 
I like to do my makeup before I leave the house - sure, sometimes that's impractical, but today I gave myself plenty of time.  A lot of girls arrive at auditions in basically their pyjamas, and change and primp and makeup after they've signed up when they know they have 3 hours to wait around at the studio for the audition to start.  I definitely see the logic but number 1 I do not wake up glowing with radiance as some people seem to and number 2 I always have this feeling that one day I'd be sitting there in some studio hallway looking like death warmed up and the casting directors will walk by, or an idol of mine, or someone who is significant or influential in whatever way.  I don't want to take that risk so I arrive prepared.
Makeup done, instant oatmeal consumed, coat on, out the door.  At the subway I met a pile of other AMDA students headed the same way which is always nice - it made for a much more fun journey.
Because we got down there at a good time we are all signed up and I was left with 4 hours to spare.  So I decided to come home and re-prep, because hey - I can.  There were a couple of other auditions happening at the same studios which I decided to sign up for, so coming home means I can grab a dress and pair of shoes that will work for those auditions.  Plus I've just proteined up with a delicious breakfast, drank lots of water, and now I can do my hair in the comfort of my home rather than a crowded holding room.

So that's my day so far, already 4 hours in! And now we just hope that the rest of it goes as well.

I'm wante-e-ed...DEAD or ALIVE

is one of the songs in Rock of Ages and a little bit how this actor biz can make you feel.  But today, alive it is.

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  1. Loving the blog!!!makes me laugh every three lines.