Wednesday, February 20, 2013

UK is watching over me

I know that, know how I know? Cos I was strolling down Greenwich Avenue yesterday and Tea and Sympathy popped up before me...I knew it was down there but I hadn't realised it was close by until, bing there it was.  There's actually A Salt and Battery fish and chip shop, then a shop filled with imports, then Tea and Sympathy which is a British-owned cafe/restaraunt where if you felt the craving you could get a bacon sandwich, roast beef and Yorkshire puds, beans on toast, Welsh rarebit, Ribena, Branstons, etc etc you get the idea.  The shop next door sells everything you could think of and a lot of things I couldn't (a cool surprise was sherbet fountains, which were a big favourite of mine as a child) but generally Lyle's Golden Syrup, Bird's custard (got some, had to), Curly Wurlies, Penguins, things from Thorntons, all the teas (American woman entering the shop: 'Hi, is there like an organic PG Tips? Or an organic one that's comparable? It's my favourite black tea' chortle chortle) pickles, jams, Tunnocks teacakes and a host of other classics.  I popped in just to gaze enraptured at all the goodies and when I left the bloke behind the counter said 'hang on, we've got these that are a day past their best before date so we can't sell them, dyu want some' and holds out a box of packets Skips and one of assorted Walkers.  So naturally I piled a couple of handfuls into my bag and went merrily on my way feeling very jammy indeed.

I have just cleaned our apartment like my life depended on it.  While I am the first to admit that at home I am not the tidiest person in the World, something has stuck somewhere because I am borderline OCD here.  When I clean I really clean, and can't possibly stop til I get the job done.  Which is good cos with 4 people coming going cooking eating and showering, cleaning needs to be a big deal in this place.  Not to mention the stream of visitors - I have fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams to live in a place where people can and do just stop by unexpectedly to say hello or chat or eat something.  More reasons to keep it clean - keeping up with Joneses and all that.  Except that the Joneses are actually Ruth, Charles and Joris and a whole bunch of other people upstairs.
This is Lola, Charles, Ruth and myself in our living room - as I write it is marginally more furnished with the addition of a couple of useful tables and two bar stools to go at our kitchen counter hatch thing.  But yes that is the corner of an airbed serving as a sofa bottom right.  And as to what my hand is doing I...I cannot explain.

Tomorrow is the open call for a non-equity national tour of Evita - we will see how my voice feels like behaving tomorrow, I believe at these auditions there is usually some singing involved.  Nyah.
FYI non-equity is ALWAYS, ALWAYS what we are going for.  As non-citizens we are not eligible to be in Equity productions or receive Equity membership points which go towards eventually getting one's Equity card.  To get an Equity card you also need a green card, basically.  This is fine - there are plenty of great non-Equity opportunities.  Equally there are a ton of fantastic things being done right now that I wish were non-eq.  It's a pretty even balance of advantage and disadvantage.

I've finished my banana custard so, to bed to bed. 
What's new, Buenos Aires? Only tomorrow will tell...


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