Friday, February 22, 2013

She that asks

My dear friend, partner in crime and roommate Lola Arruti has a belief that she shared with me a long time ago. It pretty much goes like this: If you ask the Universe for what you want, the Universe will give it to you. Simple as. It doesn't mean that if I say 'I want a million dollars Universe, ta very much' a million dollars will fall into my lap from nowhere. It's more about the energy that you are putting out there. Like buying stuff from the Universe with energy as currency. (Ok I made that part up that's not what she explained to me). Today I was walking on the Lower East Side and it's a chilly day and I just felt that a really nice cosy independent bakery would be just the thing. And then I thought 'well it is times like this when I do wish I had a smartphone, which isn't very often, cos then I could just look up "bakeries near Norfolk St" and walk where it pointed me'. And THEN I thought 'no, cos walking around you discover things, and serendipity can bloom unhampered by your unshakeable plans and technology blinkers' (see 2 posts ago, if I'd had an iPhone to guide me somewhere else I wouldn't have bumped into Tea and Sympathy and got free Skips and THEN where would I be) And 2 minutes later before me appeared the EXACT EPITOME of what I had been pondering -

Sugar Sweet Sunshine is small, cosy, looks a bit like how my bedrooms in Hinton and in halls used to look,  and has a distinctly homemade vibe going on.  I had the most delicious strawberry cream cheese cupcake.  I couldn't believe how perfectly this place fit the criteria of what I had considered then dismissed as an unlikely dream.  How often does that happen? Not very.  But it really hit me like a feight train that sometimes you're thinking thoughts to yourself that you think are inconsequential and will never come to anything but the Universe is secretly listening in.

So I suppose the lesson is - think the thoughts.  Always think the thoughts, however impossible.  It might take a while or it might not always be the exact picture you had in your head, as in today's instance.  But the powers that be will be working.  It also occurs to me that the tiny moment of clarity I had vis a vis technology's role in most people's life today may have had something to do with bringing about my wish.  That sounds a little silly but every day I am aware that I'm one of the few Smartphoneless.  I did have a Blackberry for a while at home.  And yes it's nice to be able to take pictures and Google everything and look up where you are.  But those things are not essential - well in fact they almost are but who came up with that? We did, and we could take it away again.  I mostly notice when I find myself in unfamiliar territory...I think 'ohhh I wish I had an iPhone so I could Googlemap this thing'.  Y'know what? Rubbish.  I went out with Anel last weekend and knew from having looked it up on the map before leaving that we had to head for the Lower East Side, I knew the subway stop and the cross streets.  So once down there I just sort of felt it out, if you know North you're all set.  We set off walking and didn't have to double back or turn around, found it within 5 minutes, because you just know.  If you let yourself look around, actually around not at a screen, you know.
I digress - silly as it may be, to me anyway there is significance to the fact that my brain actively rejected the idea of the smartphone guide and I was then presented with Sugar Sweet Sunshine.
Always think the thoughts and think 'em loud! On a larger scale I suppose you could say that I thought the thought of going to New York City back when I was 16, and I dreamed about city streets and fire escapes and music.  I was also at that point making my first serious wishes to study performing arts and then do it as like, a thing that I do.  That's (shudder) almost 7 years ago (BIG SHUDDER...holy moly why do I still feel like I'm 16? That can't be good) SO 16 year old me thought the thought and now 22-almost-23 year old me is actually doing both those things.  Obviously with a lot of work and trial and error and suffering and succeeding in between but without the thought, the Universe doesn't know what you're getting at when you start trying and erroring.

Big thoughts for a Friday night.  Quick round up - went to a job interview today, officially first New York City job interview's hoping but also here's being realistic.  A music venue called Rockwood, been there since '96 which is a bloody long time for anything in this place, such is the rate of change.  Showcasing up-and-coming, underground, just starting out, new talent.  Very nice venue, three stages ranging from tiny to not that big.  Lovely to be back in a pub-and-gig kind of atmosphere I must say - wood-and-candlewax smell and teeny stage crammed with equipment distinctly reminding me of the Thomas Lord and TLOGs standard set up.  Interviewed by nice young Irish chap, let's pray that the transatlantic connection does the job.  I mean, I genuinely think he'd be a smart guy to hire me because I might not be like a fancy NYC bartender or something but I really do think one of my strengths is handling customers, I'm very comfortable doing it and the TL's cast of colourful characters over the years has certainly made me adept at making conversation with all sorts.  Let's be real, Hedgeman.  Just sayin'.  And dealing with people is obstacle #1 here.  Practical elements of the job, I can be taught.  People skills - well trained already.

So I also did this today - at first glance it may seem that doing fun hairstyles is not a productive use of my time.  I say WRONG - being able to disguise icky hair will be a great skill for anytime that I'm so broke that I can't afford shampoo.  Or if the shower breaks, or something.  Braids hide a multitude of sins, plus it just looks cool.  And takes 5 minutes.  Win!

I will now eat some more of the Tortilla Espanola I made last night.  Aesthetically it's not perfect - could do with being thicker - but the taste is great.  For my second attempt ever in my life I'm ok with it.

Adios, hasta luego

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