Friday, February 15, 2013

One of those days

Today was one.  It could've gone either way, and sadly it went the one way not the other way.

I went to an audition for Spamalot - a production being directed by Casey Colgan who is a very accomplished former dancer and singer, he played great toles in many esteemed productions including the European tour of A Chorus Line, and he now teaches at AMDA - he is responsible for whipping me thoroughly into shape in my third semester.

The casting breakdown specified the height minimum as 5'6" - me!
Cheerleader/showgirl type - me! (Surprised? Yes, actually this type fits me quite well, with the right accoutrements and hairdo!)
And it didn't actually say this but anyone clever enough to look up online what the ensemble girls in Spamalot do would know that there is another requirement - muscle tone.  Me = clever enough to look it up online and I'm no Beyonce or Gisele Bundchen or whoever but I do have abs!

So, there's 3 things that I fit quite nicely.  Then there's the actual audition.  We step forward, we say our names, we give them a classical double pirouette and two triple timesteps. 

Wellll, I'm just going to do the thing you're not supposed to do - analyse the process.  Number of girls who understand what is meant by a classical double pirouette - few.  C-l-a-s-s-i-c-a-l, that's not parallel nor is it on a flat foot nor is it in plie nor does it feature ostentatious flicky hands in the preparation.
A triple timestep does not require you to smash through the floor, it does not require you to try and fit all the beats into 5 seconds.  And ladies, ladies ladies...pirouette and timestep.  Not pirouette-timestep combined step.  Take a break, finish one then start the other.  As far as I know there is no step that uses a pirouette and a timestep almost simultaneously.  Because that would be stupid.  And the other thing that a couple of girls should really, really remember - when you have finished your presentation, you acknowledge the panel in a pleasant manner, and step back into line.  You do not smirk, toss your hair, turn around and flick your foot behind you as if to say 'and that's how it's done, bitcheees' - especially when that is in fact NOT how it's done.  I couldn't believe how many people ended their turn with a big blast of I'm-the-best bratty attitude.  Nasty.  Where did they learn that?

Luckily for me AMDA drills into each of its students the best way to deal with this kind of thing.  We know to take our time, to breathe, to speak slowly and be heard, take pauses.  We know to separate individual things.  We know to acknowledge the panel, we know not to put an invisible question mark at the end of our name with an upward inflection.  Kudos to all the AMDA gals who represented today. 

So, analysis over - we had that part, and they made a cut, which I made it through.  They then called groups back in to learn a combo.
Ok I lied analysis is not over.  I was very happy with how I did the combo, it required a lot of style and detail and was in a style that I am well-versed in thanks to my home training where the concept of style in dance has greater importance than flashy tricks and showboating.  So it goes great, years of ballet jazz and tap exams have made using my face when dancing second nature, doin' all the right stuff, happy with myself.

They kept really tall girls and the few very small girls who showed up (by my logic in accordance with the casting breakdown I should have been the shortest person there as I'm just skimming the bottom end of 5'6)

And that's that! I could have given an award-winning performance, I could be exactly the face they had in mind, I could have been wearing the choreographers' favourite colour - all those things might have been true for me today.
But I was not what they went for in the end.  And this is something that I'm ok with - I'm always prepared for the notion that today just not the day that I am what they go with.  Maybe there were not 3 other girls my height to make up an ensemble of four that they liked.  Maybe they just thought that in the end girls who are all 5'11 would look better on stage.

Who knows.  It's awful to overthink these things and I've been told time and again not to go there, but sometimes you just have to y'know.  But no more - every time it's another step closer.

All this would've been ok except there is a huge party going on in Brooklyn that I wanted to go to and was very excited about...but now I have an audition tomorrow morning and no way can I combine the two.  Especially since this party is like an hour's journey.  And will be crazy.  I am most disgruntled with life - coming home a little down after an unsuccessful audition only to remain at home while all of my friends are out doing fun things makes me a sad Tessa.

Audition tomorrow, cross fingers and knock wood.

And teaching a class on Sunday.  Not sure what else my weekend will bring - probably sewing projects, writing letters, and hopefully some neighbourhood exploration which I have yet to do.  Now I'll just let this bleugh day be over.

Just to make myself feel better - showgirl THIS!

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