Thursday, February 21, 2013

On a clear day I can see myself for miles

Don't cry for me Hinton Ampner!
Evita audition this morning, up at 5am, dress on, heavy snuggly layers over the top, walk down still-dark street to subway.  I arrived in time to be pretty early on the sign-up list thank goodness - number 55 is respectable.  Lola was even better and was number 15.  It got pretty packed so this is all good news.
The cool thing about casting for Evita is that they don't really just want gorgeous Latina girls (aka all my close friends) they need 'townspeople' types.  And, because we are in Argentina here, the look is not necessarily so traditionally Latin (I learned today that Argentinians are often more European-looking, hence I could get away with it).  Anyway these are my thoughts on how it should go down, who knows what really goes on in their brains.  Happy to report that my voice kicked in at my hour of need, I sang 'Tell me on a Sunday' from Song and Dance, Andrew Lloyd-Webber.  In, job done, out by 10.30am and what to do with the rest of the day? Well it's beautiful outside if freezing cold.  The wind was blowing me towards Battery Park...

Once down there, I decided to try and find something new because I always go down there and stand at the water's edge and look out over the harbour and the Statue and the ferries coming and going and I love it very dearly, but today felt like a day where if I walked a different way something great would happen.  I was right on the money because I walked to the west side of Manhattan's tip and found a lovely place called Liberty View which is what it sounds like - a big balcony esplanade thing which gives the best view of the Statue.  There is an archway framing the view and a big wooden bench that runs all along the side opposite the view so you can sit back in comfort.  As Lady Luck would have it just as I spotted the sign pointing me up the staircase, a big tourist group descended leaving the whole space empty just for me.  With the sun shining, brisk wind blowing and clear skies, that's just about all the bliss I need to get me through a good long time.  Can never get enough of gazing at that statue.  And I love the whole harbour, it's always bustling and  and the water - much like myself - is always on the move, positively dancing in fact.

I reently read about something that I think is extremely cool.  In a park on Staten Island there is a statue of Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade and defence.  The positioning of the statue is such that when you look over her shoulder, you get this view - her hand is raised in greeting mirroring the raised torch of Lady Liberty.  Statue friends!    

Super cool, nuh?

It was cold cold cold today so eventually I had to rouse myself from my beatific stupor and headed to the AMDA library to print out some CVs, chat with the friends who were around, nick some breakfast...that's right, it's orientation week for the new wave of first semesters which means today they laid on breakfast for the parents of arriving students.  Since there were no parents in the studio being used as breakfast room when I arrived, and since there were 3 tables spread with coffee, bagels, pastries and fruit, I felt no qualms about noshing on some free nosh.  Nosh nosh nosh.

I also bumped into Ray Virta who directed my drama showcase and is one of my all-time favourites.  He is a wonderful man and a kindred spirit I feel, though I'm sure everyone feels that way he's so great.
This is Raymond O Virta.  I think we do genuinely have a cool bond because he is madly passionate about a number of British playwrights and the ethos of British theatre in general - when he was teaching us he would reference a lot of things to do with the etiquettes more commonly found in the UK scene.  Also he talked a little about the concept of 'type' which was to say that in a play he did once the actors were given a gift of beautiful Ralph Lauren shirts that they wore for some kind of photoshoot...and while the shirt was beautiful he felt that it didn't work on him at all cos he's the kind of type that looks good standing next to a cow in a plaid shirt.  And I remember thinking 'ah, THAT'S why I feel so strongly that we are going to get along really well'.  We did, I'm proud to say.  He gave me the huge challenge of taking on a scene for my drama showcase from 'Plenty', a beautiful beautiful play by David Hare.  It is filled with so many things - you could read it a hundred times and find something new every time.  It's the hardest thing I did at AMDA including 2nd semester dance workshop and lord knows that was HAAARD.  I was really proud of the work I did in the end though because I felt that I'd learned some really valuable things about the craft of acting and I went through the mill to get it.  Ray had to pull the performance out of me with a harpoon but he got it.

Woah, tangent! Err...ran into Ray, brightened my already bright day.  Someone who's wisdom I trust deeply but who I can talk to on a level.  He asked what I've been up to and I reeled off auditions, job applications, volunteer and intern hopes...he says I'm doing exactly what I should be doing and that I should punch anyone in the face who asks me if I have a job yet.

Speaking of jobs, I do have an interview tomorrow (which I've probably just jinxed because I wrote about it) at a music venue, like a waitress/bar type thing...BUT it's at a venue where performances happen so technically, TECHNICALLY it's related to the performing arts.  Plus I just really wanna work in a music, really.  I would really like to work at the Beacon Theatre but they have no jobs right now.
I'll stop talking about it before I get carried away with young Joni Mitchell working in the coffeehouses of Yorkville fantasies.

Time to make tortilla Espanola - it's delicious, it's cheap and it's delicious!

Oh one more thing
This is the song referenced in today's blog title - it was written by Boy George and featured in the musical Taboo which I came across just before Christmas.  Love this song.

Peace and happiness and coconut oilxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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