Thursday, February 14, 2013

And here we go

February 2013, the Kasbah

This is the moment it all starts.

This blog, I mean.

Yes - for over a year now I have been meaning to start one up to share the joys of my New York life, document my adventures, post smile-inducing pictures, reflect on what I learn each and every day...but then it just never really happened.  And so, with graduation from AMDA a distant memory, of four days ago, a new apartment and the future opening up before me like an infinite chasm into which I will be unceremoniously shoved and fall down, down...down...oh shit.  Where was I? Yes, future, new beginnings, new digs = NEW BLOG

So, let's play catch up.

522 W 157th St, New York, NY 10032
I live here.  522 West 157th St, Apartment 2C

With these two beauty queens

L Sena Lee, South Korea  R Lola Arruti, Mexico

AND this charming young man

Jacob Matheny, Texas

  Love and friendship of 2C!

Joris (centre) does not live with us but we love him and he will be our downstairs neighbour!
So much love.

I graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy on Monday the 11th of Feb 2013.  It was if I'm honest a little weird - for some people I'm sure it was an emotional day, for me it was just lovely to be around my whole semester all dressed up and looking nice, then it got weird when the guest speaker did his thing and made a bunch of Pope-resigned jokes.  Our ceremony was held in the church of St Paul the Apostle.  Guest speaker also did a good job of undoing everything that we've been taught 'oh, I'm on Broadway tonight, I'm gonna be late...what are they gonna do, fire me? Snigger snigger' soo instead of trying to glean meaning and wisdom from him I was happy to just gaze on open-mouthed and share looks with one Ruth Horackova who was reading my mind and equally incredulous.  After it got weird with guest speaker Christopher Seiber currently on Broadway as Billy Flynn in Chicago (yup, busted) it got lovely again when we all did 'the walk' - i.e. across the stage to shake hands with the school directors and receive our snazzy AMDA folder diploma holder thing.  Sad that some people weren't at graduation since it was originally supposed to be on Saturday morning but the snowstorm got it postponed and some people just couldn't make Monday night - work, travel plans, etc.  Great though to cheer for my friends and be cheered by them when it was my turn
And let's just acknowledge this piece of amazing

My namecard with pronounciation hint - everyone had one, mine just happens to be the best!

I will do an entire separate graduation picture post cos there's some great ones.

To pick up where I left off, it was lovely and then after the ceremony I had some great moments with great teachers, I was very happy that many of my all-time favourites made it in to see us and it was honour to have them congratulate me - these are quite seriously heroes of mine.

And then it got massively awkward, to my great amusement.  My dear friend Anel Carmona came to the ceremony, and Lola had a friend from Mexico visiting to see her graduate, but other than that we were pretty much riding solo since our families are smart and didn't travel hundreds/thousands of miles for a thing that lasted all of 90 minutes.  There was a reception being held in the basement event room of the church so down we all trooped (divested of high heels, swapped mine for my zebra Doc Martens, natch) and I made a beeline for the food - if it's free, YOU EAT IT student life in New York City lesson #1
Lola and her friend went downtown to have a celebratory dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, The Jane - highly recommended if you come to the city and have some cash to splash for a special occasion.  NB I've only been there when Joris' parents came to town and took us all out for dinner.  My budget is not friends with Jane, though for an upscale place with fantastic food it's very reasonable.
 So Lola's gone, Anel is hunting for our other amiga Cristina who is nowhere to be found, I'm standing alone in the middle of this room trying to eat lasagna from a paper plate in a fancy dress surrounded by families of my peers...was quite happy with that scenario, then people started introducing me to said families.  Oh no no no, don't do that.  I feel terrible thinking about it but really, honestly, there's no need, they don't care, they are busy lavishing praise on their darling angels about how well they've done and how beautiful they are and making horrendous small talk with the parents of their child's roommate, classmate etc etc.  I think it's lovely that they can do that but I am a Fairey and we do not do that.  I had to laugh to myself thinking what would've happened if my parents HAD been there.  Well first I shuddered then I laughed.  They would have taken one look and scarpered.  WOULDN'T YOU!!??
I awkwarded around the room for a while - I was actually waiting for my long-term classmate Joseph to go with him and his fam and our ex-AMDA classmate Teresa and her other half Mark (phew) to get dessert/drinks.  Waited a looong while.  Chatted to a few people...met more parents.  Sought refuge amongst the also parent-free other Brits (see, smart people).  Ate a heaped plate of cookies.  Bopped around a bit.  Oh looorrrr.  Finally, finally I bailed out and Teresa and Mark found me on the corner of 59th and took me to the diner where eventually the Spitale clan (big group of Italian Canadians) joined us.  We ate, we drank, we yapped.  I hopped on the 1 train to go home and then this happened

I'm sleeping on an airbed lent to us by our upstairs neighbour and AMDA peer Drew.  We discovered that upside down, it's sort of divided into two sections and we're pretty convinced it's meant to be an airbed/boat.
Let others party, let them drink, cry, swear their undying love for their friends and classmates, let them hug and sob and learn and grow.  Us? We are sailing.

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