Thursday, February 14, 2013

Graduation photo splurge!

All the UK crew - Lauren (Dunbarton Scotland) Xalvador (York) Francesca (Canterbury) Adam (Londonish) and me!

The residents of 2C in all our glory.  This one's going on the living room wall!

More transatlantic love

The surviving members of my first group at AMDA, the D1s - last ones standing!

Three of the amigas, Lola me and Cristi - these gorgeous girls
Me Lola and Isabel being very very pretty

Last one of Team GB - what can I say, I'm so happy we managed to get a picture all together

A few floating heads - you know Lola by now, you should know Joris, we also have Jenessa above me and Brionn up right

My boss for the last 4 semesters - the best ever, mighty Stefani Miller

My third semester group, D3s always + Stefani

Fearless fabulous fun Kayley, one of the greatest people you will ever meet

The UK girls north and south.  EVERYONE loves Lauren, she's a joy to be around

Me and my AMDA husband Joseph Spitale.  We were in the same group every single semester and even the same subsection when the class was divided in two for fourth semester.  He was my first ever acting partner in our first week and he was also my last ever acting partner in the penultimate scene of our drama showcase.  Because the chances of that happening are really slim but it did happen to us, we are pretty sure we were the valedictorians of our graduating class.

Was in class with Adam 3 semesters in a row, he's like the bitchy and hilarious big sister I never had.  Thank goodness there was someone around to make Brit jokes with.

Grads lining up in the Church, getting ready to walk.  (Cristina is near the front in the white shoes.)

Hollis, a bigger fan of Dr Who et al than I have ever been - the only American with whom I can hold long discussions about Never Mind the Buzzcocks.  In fact she came to see Simon Amstell live with me.

And that's it...except look what I woke up to the next day! 'Congratulations Graduate daughter love Mum and Dad'.  Well lord knows I couldn't have done it without them! 

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